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TowerStake Stake your Mina tokens and earn rewards while you sleep! 

We provide top class cryptocurrency staking service to MINA delegators. Get started with TowerStake for consistent staking rewards backed by reliable and secure infrastructure.

Use this public key to delegate to our block producer (click to copy):


12% to 24% APY

Current expected annually yield rate is 12% for time-locked account (token bought through ICO) for the first 24 month. Unlocked account will get a supercharged 24% interest rate during first 5 months.


Our staking fee is 5% only, forever. They will be used for maintaining our servers and helping our team to release tools for Mina Protocol (stay tuned). Payouts are sent after each epoch.

Our Goal

We are dedicated to Mina's community, committed for the long term and using our tech skills to release tools to develop the ecosystem. Join us on Discord to chat with the team!

About our hardware

Our nodes are hosted in France, and run on bare metal with 8 CPUs and 16GB of RAM. We have automatic backups and 24/7 monitoring, with a top notch tech team behind the scenes.

How to stake your Mina tokens

The Mina Protocol is secured by Proof-of-Stake consensus. To participate in the network and earn tokens (12% to 24% APY), you just have to hold Mina tokens in a wallet and delegate them to a validator node.

We provide a step by step guide using either a Clor.io wallet (easiest way to delegate) or using command lines (for power users).

Time Needed: 2 minutes

Delegating using Clor.io wallet

Step 1 : Connect to Clor.io wallet

First you have to go to https://clor.io and click on "Clorio mainnet".

Step 2: Open your wallet

If you are reading this, we can assume you already have a wallet and some Mina tokens in it. Click on "Access with Private key" and sign in with your passphrase.

Step 3: Go to Staking Hub

In the left menu, go to "Staking Hub" then click on "Custom delegation" on top of the validators list. As TowerStake is not yet in the Top 100 nodes, you will need to add our validator manually.

Step 4: Delegate to TowerStake

You will be asked to insert a public key. Please type in the TowerStake public key:


Then you have to insert a fee. You can leave the default value (0.001), then hit "Proceed". You will be asked again to enter the private key of your wallet. You should see a confirmation message in the bottom right of the page: "Delegation successfully broadcasted".

Important: If all your MINAs are time-locked, you won't be able to cover the transaction fees. Please contact us on Discord, we will send you some unlocked tokens to cover the fees.

You're all set! You can relax and wait for your rewards.

There will be a latency period of 2 to 4 weeks before your stake will start to earn rewards.

Delegating using Auro wallet

Auro is a wallet developed by Bit Cat and its code is Open Sourced. You can install Auro as a web browser extension (like Metamask if you know this wallet). An Auro mobile app will be released soon.

Step 1: Install Auro extension in your browser

First please go to https://www.aurowallet.com/ and click on Chrome or FireFox button depending on which browser you use.

After you added the extension to your browser, click on the Auto icon in the top-right corner of your browser window.

Step 2: Open your wallet

As in the tutorial with Clor.io, we can assume you already have a wallet and some Mina tokens in it. Click on "Restore Wallet" and follow instructions until you seen your Mina balance in Auro.

Step 3: Go to validators list

Click on "Staking" button in the bottom of Auro wallet, then click on "Go to Staking". In the search field above the validator list, type "TowerStake". It is possible that our validation node does not appear in the list. In this case, you have a few more steps:

  • Click on "Manual Input BP Node Address"
  • In "Block Producer", copy TowerStake's address :


  • In "Memo", you can type something nice for us 😉 This is a memo (text message) attached to the transaction and written in the blockchain.
  • In "Fee", you can stick with "Default".
  • Go to last screen with "Next"
  • Check one last time all details and finalize with "Confirm"

You're all set! You can wait for your rewards (meanwhile, you can also use our rewards calculator).

There will be a latency if 2 to 4 weeks before your stake will start to earn rewards.

Delegating using Mina client

If you are tech savy, you can use commande line interface (CLI) to delegate your Mina tokens.

Step 1: Keypair and connecting to mainnet

First, you'll have to generate a keypair and connect to mainnet. Follow instructions given on Mina website

Step 2: Unlock your account

You have to make sure your account is unlocked, issuing thee following command:

mina account unlock -public-key $MINA_PUBLIC_KEY

Step 3: Delegate to TowerStake

Run this command to delegate your stake:

mina client delegate-stake 
    -receiver B62qqD9f8CGy5QeFj1h3nsit3Zp2GDBntjEoVCdfj4SPQuubRW1CYXp 
    -sender $MINA_PUBLIC_KEY 
    -fee 0.001

You're all set! You can relax and wait for your rewards.

There will be a latency period of 2 to 4 weeks before your stake will start to earn rewards.


How much is the commission fee?

We apply a fee of 5%. 

When will I receive the rewards?

Rewards are sent automatically after each epoch (approximatively each 15 days). We use Mina Pool Payout from jrwashburn to handle payout calculations and token distribution.

Can you access my funds?

No! You only delegate your tokens to our node, we don't have access to your funds. We will NEVER ask your to transfer MINA to our public key.

Can I change the delegation node?

We will be sad to see you leave, but you can undelegate your tokens anytime. You just have to select a new validator in Clorio Wallet. You can also use command lines (see above). Please note there is a 1 to 2 epochs (2 to 4 weeks) latency before changes are reflected.

Annual Percentage Yield (APY) looks high, is it legit?

Yes it is! You can double-check the info in the Mina Token Distribution and Supply doc page from Mina Protocol. Inflation rate is set to 12% in the first 23 months for locked accounts (token bought through Seed program, Series A and Strategic Program). Please note that tokens bought through Community Sale on Coinlist (on April 13rd 2021) will be locked for 40 days. A supercharged interest rate will be offered to people who stake with unlocked tokens during the first 15 months after launch (starting 24% APY in first 5 months and finishing at 15% APY after the 12th month).

About us

Our team is a small group of seasoned professionals with extensive expertise in system administration, network security, APIs, web development and marketing.

TowerStake aims to establish itself as the trusted partner for those looking to participate in the Mina ecosystem and contribute to its further development. We also want to raise the awareness of French entrepreneurs for Zero-Knowledge Proof and light blockchain technologies.