MINA Delegator - Rewards Calculator

Calculate an expected return from delegating your MINA tokens to a validator node. This new version of the calculator now works with supercharged rewards.

Please note this tool is not intended to be used by block producers. If you want to calculate your rewards from running a validator node, please check our MINA Block Producer Rewards Calculator tool.

Please note that 1 month = 2 epochs

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About this calculator

This tool is provided by TowerStake team. You can select "Advanced settings" to modify variables under the hood. You can use this calculator freely, and please link to this page without our consent. If you have any question, join us on Discord!

Calculator variables

MINA amount

This is the amount of MINA tokens you delegate to a validator node.

We offer 1 option to make you life easier:

  • "Fetch from public key": you can enter the public key of your MINA wallet and we will retrieve the total balance of your tokens for more accurate calculations. When fetching MINA amount from a public key, it will automatically detect if the wallet is eligible for supercharged rewards.

Fully-unlocked wallet

"Supercharged rewards" is a MINA Protocol mechanism that is designed to incentivize token holders to stake their tokens during the first months after launch. Only fully-unlocked wallets are eligible for Supercharged Rewards.

If you bought your MINA tokens during the ICO or later on an exchange, your tokens are fully-unlocked by default. Congrats, your rewards will be boosted during first 15 months after launch (roughly increased by a factor of 2x until 5th month, up to 1.25x in the 14th month). This calculator will take into account the supercharged yield targets for the first epochs.

When your rewards are supercharged, you can see a star () in the corresponding epoch column.

If you got your MINA tokens from a grant, or from initial distribution (before ICO), your account is likely to be time-locked. You can still stake your tokens, getting regular rewards.

If this option is checked (by default), calculations will show supercharged rewards.

If this option is unchecked, your tokens are subject to protocol enforced lock-ups. Calculations will show regular rewards.

Hint: If you use ""Fetch from public key" option and if your tokens are time-locked, we will find for you when your tokens will be unlocked. Rewards from this date will be automatically supercharged.

Validator fee

The fees taken by the people running the validator node. In case some are wondering, a node is a server. Server is hardware. Hardware is costly. That's why fees are deducted from the block reward before sending payouts. Default value is 5%, as it is the allowed fee by the Mina Foundation for tokens they delegate.


You can choose to display the FIAT value of MINA tokens in one of the top 10 currency of your choice. Exchange rates are refresh once per day.

Token price

Token price is fixed according to the last known value of MINA ($0,25 after the ICO in April 2021). We will update the price once per hour as soon it is listed in an exchange. This value can be changed manually if you want to estimate returns with different valuations. For the calculations, we assume a constant price of MINA tokens. In real world, this price will vary considerably. Please refer to the rewards in MINA tokens, not its FIAT value.

Start Epoch 

Define the first epoch to be used in the table as the start of reward calculations. By default, this value is the current epoch.


Define the amount of epochs to be displayed in the graph and in the table. An epoch is a unit of time, set to 357 hours (14.875 days) as of Mainnet launch. We will round it to 2 weeks. Default value for this calculator is 48 epochs (approximatively 24 months).


Formula used

This calculator uses formulas from different sources: Staking Service Guidelines and Mina Explorer's Performance History.

(Best case scenario) Block Win % = ϕ(α) ≜ 1−(1/4)^α where α = Delegated Tokens / Total supply

The values for "Best case scenario" are displayed in blue in the chart.
Be aware: the formula above should not be used to predict MINA reward, as they do not take into account orphan blocks.

(Real world scenario) Block Win % = (Delegated Tokens / Total supply) * 3/4 * slots_per_epoch

Table displays only results from "Real World scenario" formula (green values in the chart). It was inspired by Gareth from Mina Explorer, considering the fact that "Best case scenario" do not take into account orphan blocks. This formula will likely be modified in the future to follow the ratio of orphan blocks Vs canonical blocks.

In both formulas, we calculate the delegator rewards with:

Rewards = MINA tokens produced by the node validator - validator fees

Release notes

Version 1.2 - 2021/06/01

  • NEW : Added real-time MINA price (from Coingecko API, updated every minute)

Version 1.1 - 2021/05/17

  • NEW: Added supercharged rewards. When fetching MINA amount from a public key, it will automatically detect if wallet is eligible for supercharged rewards.

Version 1.0 - 2021/04/29: First release