(Better) Mina Uptime Leaderboard

Validators enrolled
New validators within last 7 days
Mina Fundation Delegations in the list
Mina Fundation Delegations in top 12O

Next re-delegation round before:


Last checkpoint is slot 3500 (May 22, 2021, around ~7:08 pm UTC)
Next checkpoint delegations will happen once in a quarter or more frequently.

We need your help Dear Block Producer, you find this tool usefull?

We put a lot of time and energy in building tools for the Mina Community. If you use our leaderboard and our calculators, delegating part of your MINA rewards to our node is a free and easy way to incentivize and thank our team. 

Use this public key to delegate to our block producer (click to copy):


Where does all data come from?

Every minute, we scrap the official leaderboard to get and store results provided by O(1) Team. We now have archive about what's going on with uptime scores.

I can't see my Address/Block Producer in the list

You first have to enroll the Delegation Program. Please use this form to enter the program.

How can I display icon and name above my address?

We use Ducca's Mina Stake Tab API to display additional informations about the nodes. To add your icon and name on our leaderboard, you have to register your node using "+ Add your service" on top of Mina Stake Tab website.

What is the meaning of the badges?

We use 2 badges:

  • "NEW": the validator enrolled in Delegation Program within last 7 days,
  • "MF Delegation": the validator got a Mina Fundation delegation (approx 3,7M MINA Tokens) 

You can filter these badges using checkboxes below the search field above the table.

I'd like to see more stats in this leaderboard

We'd glad to ear your ideas! Please join our Discord and sent us a message.

About this leaderboard

This tool is provided by TowerStake team. You can use this tool freely, and please link to this page without our consent. If you have any question, join us on Discord!

Our team is a small group of seasoned professionals with extensive expertise in system administration, network security, APIs, web development and marketing.

TowerStake aims to establish itself as the trusted partner for those looking to participate in the Mina ecosystem and contribute to its further development. We also want to raise the awareness of French entrepreneurs for Zero-Knowledge Proof and light blockchain technologies.

Release notes

Version 1.1 - 2021/07/02

  • NEW: Display data about Block Producers activity (staking, block production and snark production)
  • NEW: Select which data you want to display thanks to column grouping
  • NEW: Customize your leaderboard with only the columns you want to see
  • NEW: Auto-saving of your favorite layout. Play with the columns and when you come back later to the leaderboard you'll see the last settings you chose
  • NEW and UNIQUE: We also get the delegators and the total staking from the staged ledger (staged ledger is a view of what epoch + 2 could be). Please be careful: these values are not confirmed and could vary if delegators switch their delegation before the end of current epoch. These informations are only updated once per hour.
  • UPDATE: Much better performances (we rewrote all table rendering and filtering)

Version 1.0 - 2021/05/22: First release